Ronald Moelker - discography

Jacob Live (1998)

Ronald Moelker (sopranino-, soprano-, G alto-, alto-, bass recorder), Michiel Niessen (lute and arch lute)

A mix of improvisations and written diminutions on themes from the collection der Fluyten Lusthof, Amsterdam 1644 and 1655 by Jr. Jacob van Eyck and diminutions for lute by John Dowland and Nicolas Vallet.

Celeste Giglio, Flowers of 16th-century Italian Dance Music - Lacrimae Ensemble (1996)

Mimi Mitchell (violin), Ronald Moelker (recorders), Fred Jacobs (chitarrone), Wilma van der Wardt (viola da gamba), with Marianne Hund (mezzosoprano), Simen Van Mechelen (renaissance trombone), Fritz Heller (cornetto).

Fantasie per il flauto di voce senza basso (1992)

Ronald Moelker (voiceflute = recorder in d')

12 Fantasies by G. Ph. Telemann

Renaissance in Florence (Francesco Landini and contemporaries) - Ensemble Super Librum (1992)

Debra Gomez and Consuelo Sañudo (vocals), Per Mattsson (violin and rebec), Jankees Braaksma and Ronald Moelker (portative organ and recorders).

Troubadour and Jongleur - music from Occitania (12th century) - Ensemble Super Librum (1991)

Consuelo Sanudo (vocals), Jankees Braaksma and Ronald Moelker (portative organ and recorders) and Yahia Boukhris (percussion).

Intabulation and improvisation in the 14th century - Ensemble Super Librum (1988)

Suzanne Norin (mezzosoprano), Jankees Braaksma and Ronald Moelker (portative organ and recorders).

We can often deduce the popularity of vocal works from the fact that instrumental arrangements (intabulations) of them have been preserved. These intabulations originated through improvisation in which the original vocal work was varied with ornaments.

'Deliciously performed, a signal recording debut' (Gramophone)

Flow my tears - Lacrimae Ensemble (2005)

Ronald Moelker (G alto-, alto-, tenor recorder), Regina Albanez (renaissance lute, baroque guitar and theorbo), Sarah Walder (bass and discant viola da gamba)

Famous melodies in their original form with virtuoso variations, improvisations on La Folia, ricercadas from Diego Ortiz, variations on a theme from Christopher Simpson and fantasies from Orlando Gibbons. This combined with the buoyant music from Falconieri and the individualised music from Captain Tobias Hume form a varied and coherent program.

J. S. Bach Sonatas (2005)

Ronald Moelker (alto recorder and voiceflute), Riko Fukuda (harpsichord)

BWV 1016, 1017, 1030 & 1032

' In summary, the superb musicianship of Moelker and Fukuda disarms any possible qualms about instrumentation here, and the engineer's ideally balanced harpsichord and recorders, placed within a gently flattering ambience, is entirely at the service of the music. This is a very desirable recording for those who like Bach's chamber music, and is a must for recorder enthusiasts'.

John Miller and

Heaven (2005)

Ronald Moelker (soprano-, G alto-, tenor-, bass recorder), Karin van Wezel (Tibetan bowls), Bo Moelker (congas), Merel Moelker (vocals), Andrew Read (double bass)

Solo cd with early music, contemporary and popular influences. J.S. Bach, Telemann, Virgiliano, Van Eyck, own compositions and improvisations on recorder, Tibetan bowls and percussion, Summertime by Gershwin, Yesterday by The Beatles with vocals and double bass and a loungesong with synthesizer and congas.

G.Ph. Telemann, Ouverture Suites - Il Concerto Barocco (2005)

Ronald Moelker (alto recorder), Sarah Walder (viola da gamba) & Strings + Basso Continuo

Talud (2007)

Ronald Moelker (g-alto-, tenor-, bass recorder) Ratna Bauer (Tibetan bowls)

The vibrationa of Tibetan bowls resonate in our body cells and energetic system. The flute adds an emotional awareness. All melodies are composed by the flautist Ronald Moelker, possess an age-old character and speak directly to the heart.

Torres del Alma - Bassano Quartet (2010)

Adriana Breukink, Sanne Vos, Wolf Meyer, Ronald Moelker (renaissance consort recorders)

Highlights of Spanish music from the 15th century manuscript Cancionero Musical de Palacio, around the mystic saint Teresa de Ávila from the 16th century and the 17th century Catalan composer Joan Cabanilles.

Eagles and Seven Tears - Bassano Quartet & Daniël Brüggen (2015)

Adriana Breukink, Saskia Teunisse, Wolf Meyer, Ronald Moelker & Daniël Brüggen

New music and arrangements for the Eagle recorder and the 'Lachrimae, or Seaven Teares' by John Dowland for renaissance consort recorders.

Confluence (2016)

Ronald Moelker (Eagle-, bass-, G alto recorder, voiceflute), Niels Bijl (soprano-, tenor-, baritone saxophone)

Confluence: a place where two rivers or streams join to become one. World Premiere Recording, Saxophone and Recorder. A selection of repertoire spanning 7 centuries of music history.